Jake Richardson
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Go to this link for new pics of Jake at "The Danergous Lives of the Altar boys" Movie Premiere. Just type in Jake's name in the search box and it'll take you to  his gallery of pics(you don't have to be a member).

Rising Stars

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You may reconize Jake Richardson from the now cancelled TV series "Fudge". He recently guest starred on "Touched By An Angel" . He is going to be in a movie called, "Hangman's Curse,"(Go to "Sneak Peak" for more info on the movie). He has also guest starred on "Boston Public". He is a great actor and is very talented. He has also been in the movies "Richie Rich's Christmas Wish" and "Honey We Shrunk Ourselves!" He is in the movie "The Dangerous Lives of the Altar Boys."



Jake guest starring in 1998 on "7th Heaven."


Jake on the TV Series "Fudge."

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Jake in "Little Cobras: Operation Dalmation"


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